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My Friends All Said 

The songs of Northern Daughter are written in different genres: a country tune, rockabilly, a jazz song, a power ballad, yet when you listen to all the songs together there's a musical theatre influence running through them. 

“My Friends All Said” is inspired by “Hopelessly Devoted to You,” a song I’ve always loved from the movie Grease. That’s the rock-ballad feel I was going for.
I wrote the song a few years ago, when I was single for the first time since the age of 15. I had no idea how to date or if I…Read more

What's your songwriting process? (+ Other Things We Want to Know!)  

1. What's your songwriting process?
Usually, I get started by doing something physical -- riding my bike, doing the dishes, taking a shower, driving the car, sewing, gardening. Any activity where my hands are busy allows me to think freely.
I’m constantly singing in my head, but a line will come to me that’s inspired by something else. Sometimes that line will stick with me for months or years before I even write it down. When I hear the words, or lyrics, I hear them with the melodic line. When I finally do…Read more

The Making of Northern Daughter 

Northern Daughter is a one act, one woman play with music, written and performed by Donna Creighton in collaboration with Artistic Director and Dramaturge Louise Fagan. This co-production with AlvegoRoot Theatre Company is and premieres October 22 to 25, 2014, at The ARTS Project in London, ON. 
Northern Daughter is the contemporary story of a girl, Josephine, who grew up in the deep woods of Canada. Josephine is standing at the shore, one paddle away from her past. This is quintessentially Canadian…Read more