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Northern Daughter EP:  mp3 download
  • Northern Daughter EP:  mp3 download

Northern Daughter EP: mp3 download

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Featuring songs from Northern Daughter written, arranged and performed by Donna Creighton

Rocking Chair Girl (2:43), Street in Winter (3:37), Naked (2:35) - produced by Louise Fagan

My Friends All Said (3:56), Northern Daughter (3:09), Beautiful Somewhere (3:37) - produced by Donna Creighton and Darren Morrison

All Music and Lyrics written by Donna Creighton with the exception of the song Northern Daughter (Donna Creighton/Randall Lee Uberig)

Musicians: Guitar, Vocals, Donna Creighton Back-up Vocals: Donna Creighton, Louise Fagan, Tara O’Connor Dunphy Piano: Steven Holowitz Trumpet: Paul Stevenson Violin: Tara O’Connor Dunphy Clarinet: Julia Hambleton Bass: Kevin Muir and Jeff Fountain Drums: Ian MacKay and Ted Peacock Percussion: Bambalamb, Donna Creighton, Darren Morrison

Photography and CD Layout and Design: Cairenn LA Russelo

Thanks to Vince & Sylvia Munro for the 1948 International KB-1 pickup and canoe

Copyright 2014 Donna Creighton | All rights reserved. | |

Made in Canada | SOCAN

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