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Theatre Festival Dates 

With the luck of a draw, Northern Daughter will be taking part in two Fringe Festivals in Ontario this summer. If you're going to be in London or Ottawa in June 2015, come see the show.

With a nod from Stratford's jury, Donna is excited to be performing Northern Daughter at the acclaimed SpringWorks indie theatre and arts festival, May 7-17, 2015. Stay tuned for performance dates.

This week, Donna was thrilled to accept an invitation to stage the American premiere of Northern Daughter off-Broadway at the…Read more

What the Audience Said About Northern Daughter 

“WOW! An incredibly powerful play, lightened by music and laughter from the audience. Hauntingly beautiful voice and story—filled with tragedy, painful memories, laughter and a reminder we all make choices to paddle on through the troubled waters and storms of life.” ~ Jacquie T. 

"Be prepared  for a powerful, emotional wallop to the gut, to gasp, to nod in agreement and come to the edge of tears. Donna brilliantly and powerfully portrays her rough-around-the-edges father and her genteel and sophisticated…Read more

My Friends All Said 

The songs of Northern Daughter are written in different genres: a country tune, rockabilly, a jazz song, a power ballad, yet when you listen to all the songs together there's a musical theatre influence running through them. 

“My Friends All Said” is inspired by “Hopelessly Devoted to You,” a song I’ve always loved from the movie Grease. That’s the rock-ballad feel I was going for.
I wrote the song a few years ago, when I was single for the first time since the age of 15. I had no idea how to date or if I…Read more

What's your songwriting process? (+ Other Things We Want to Know!)  

1. What's your songwriting process?
Usually, I get started by doing something physical -- riding my bike, doing the dishes, taking a shower, driving the car, sewing, gardening. Any activity where my hands are busy allows me to think freely.
I’m constantly singing in my head, but a line will come to me that’s inspired by something else. Sometimes that line will stick with me for months or years before I even write it down. When I hear the words, or lyrics, I hear them with the melodic line. When I finally do…Read more