Theatre Festival Dates

With the luck of a draw, Northern Daughter will be taking part in two Fringe Festivals in Ontario this summer. If you're going to be in London or Ottawa in June 2015, come see the show.

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What the Audience Said About Northern Daughter

“WOW! An incredibly powerful play, lightened by music and laughter from the audience. Hauntingly beautiful voice and story—filled with tragedy, painful memories, laughter and a reminder we all make choices to paddle on through the troubled waters and storms…Read more

My Friends All Said

The songs of Northern Daughter are written in different genres: a country tune, rockabilly, a jazz song, a power ballad, yet when you listen to all the songs together there's a musical theatre influence running through them. 

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Northern Daughter Premiere

One Canoe. Five characters. One Performer. World Premiere.
“Josephine is gritty and exposed. Someone important has died, and she’s on a reluctant journey home. Just as the forces of nature are indiscriminate, Josephine has to make good on… Read more

The Making of Northern Daughter

Northern Daughter is a one act, one woman play with music, written and performed by Donna Creighton in collaboration with Artistic Director and Dramaturge Louise Fagan. This co-production with AlvegoRoot Theatre Company is and premieres October 22 to 25, 2014,… Read more